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High Power

Three-phase filter without common neutral line. The family is realized with current ratings from 10A up to 200A

Mechanical Specifications:
Manufacture: Metal case, internal components sealed with self-extinguishing resin Vo
Connections: Faston 6,3 x 0,8 mm ( < 20A) flexible leads or screws M5/M8/M10/M12, ground terminal connected to case

Electrical Specifications:
Rated voltage (Vr): max 250/480V ~ 50/60 Hz
Rated current (Ir)*: refferred to room temp.= 40°C
Voltage test (2s): line to ground 3000 Vdc or 1800 Vac - line to line 1700 Vdc

Diagrams and dimensions: click here to download pdf file

Code IR(A)* L(mH) R=MW Case
AR600.100A 3X100 0,6 0,8 F7
AR600.10A 3X10 1,5 10 B
AR600.120A 3X120 0,6 1,7 F7
AR600.150A 3X150 0,6 0,4 F7
AR600.16A 3X16 1,5 4,5 B
AR600.30A 3X30 1,5 3 F6
AR600.50A 3X50 0,9 1,5 F7
AR600.80A 3X80 0,6 1 F7